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Air Duct Cleaning – How it is Done

The cleaning of air ducts is integral part in making sure the air that the people breath is fresh and free from pollutants and of course this involves several steps to follow. This article will provide you an overview of what are these steps that are related to air duct cleaning. If you want to get rid of mold formation then be sure you know what steps to follow so that problems and huge expenditures can be avoided.

Check for the condition of the air ducts before cleaning
Constant monitoring of the air ducts and other parts of the ventilation system will avoid getting bigger problems plus this helps you determine potential problems with the air flow system. It is a wise move on your part to seal any leakage on the air ducts, this way you can avoid spending more on the maintenance services. If the filters are clogged it would be best to replace it with an electrostatic filter or a highly specialized pleated filter. If you are able to check the system before cleaning then you put more emphasis on those areas. If the ductwork is made from metal sheets then you must use biocide for cleaning it but if it is made from fiberglass then don’t apply the said chemical.

Utilize a Negative Pressure in Cleaning the Ducts
It is also a must to make use of equipment that utilize negative pressure to get rid of those dirt and particles in the system. It is safer to release dust particles to the outdoor air compared to indoor exhaust. More often than not, the entire system is subject to negative pressure to remove dirt and clogged particles prior the cleaning process.
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The Cleaning Process
The first thing that must be cleaned are the conduits found in the entire system. When cleaning the ductwork, they must utilize cleaning tools like nylon brushes along with a specialized vacuum for the system. But this may not be the case for those made from fiberglass, this must utilized soft-bristled brushes. If there are molds in the air ducts and the air ducts are made from insulated material then you must not attempt cleaning the entire system rather replace it immediately. It is also possible to utilize registers to get rid of those polluted air immediately. It is vital on your part to apply sealants whenever fixing ductwork made from fiberglass or if there are leakages on the air ducts, it is also a must on your part to apply the latter after the cleaning process.
What You Should Know About Services This Year

Make sure other parts are clean
It is vital on your part to ask the air duct cleaning company to clean other parts of the HVAC system like the cooling coil, the heat exchanger surface, plenum, blower blades, combustion chamber, humidifier, coil drain pans and other parts of the system.