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How to Start a Structural Steel Welding Business

A structural steel welding business can be profitable if well planned and executed. If you want to start a welding business, you can make it a mobile business whereby you move to the businesses or individuals who need the service or open a welding shop. The steps below will help you start and run the business enterprise successfully.

The first step is to get trained and certified. If you’d like to employ a welder instead of welding by yourself, then you must employ skilled and authorized structural steel welders. Make sure you or the welders are trained in an approved welding school. Welding schools are easily found in most cities and locations.

Next, get a license to weld from the licensing board in your state. Getting licensed will entail taking an exam to test knowledge on welding processes, welding equipment, repair processes and fabrication. This examination may be planned anytime by filling a request at your local licensing board. Another important license is the business license to allow you do business within your selected area.
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Once the paperwork is complete, the next thing would be to get welding tools as well as personal protective wears. These will include welding machines, air and plasma cutters, fume extractors, welding helmets. The protective equipment will include welding glasses, welding coats, welding gloves, welding boots among others. All these tools and equipment can be bought from welding various stores online or physical retail shops. Study properly before you choose the equipment to ensure you purchase quality gear. If your budget is tight, it is possible to consider receiving them from auction dealers.
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If you decided on a mobile welding business, you need a truck or van to move around with your equipment. Obtain one from the regional dealer and also have the vehicle marked with your company contact information and name. This can help with marketing your company.

Having set up your business, go out and get clients. Target businesses that need structural steel welding services and introduce your business. These may include farms, contractors, electricians, truck shops and metal repair specialists. You’ll be able to create a customer list by looking for them online and requesting referrals from friends and family. Give your potential customers enough information about your services and soon, you will start getting contracted.

Ultimately, advance your advertising and marketing efforts to gain more clients and retaining unique clients. Have business cards that you can give out to your customers or share within your networks. Be present online for clients to easily find you. Have social media pages, and a website. Create a platform to let your customers give their reviews on your website and social media pages. Remember recommendations are a powerful marketing strategy. Thus, supply outstanding services and treat your clients right. The customers will then refer others.