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Visit Your Skin Specialist in New Port Beach If You See This

Life today has become so demanding and even when you have that to-do-list with you,you still find that there are some things that remain not attended to. Are you aware that there are 3,000,000 people in the United States who are diagnosed with skin cancer every year? This is a good reason you should prioritize a visit to your dermatologist in New Port beach at least once every year for a general skin examination. And you should not be visiting your dermatologist just because you fear the C-word;you need to know that you could be affected by any of the hundreds of little known skin disorders that you can’t simply treat with over-the-counter drugs.

The following are some of the signs that should make you see your skin expert now instead of trying to dig up around Google in an attempt to do self-diagnosis:
If you have patronized a tanning salon in the past or have been sunburned,it is advisable that you pay your dermatologist in New Port beach a visit. Everyone should have their moles checked but people who love the sun should ensure they get examined just in case their skin has cancerous spots-this can save their lives!

If you have used OTC medication and notice that it is like the treatment doesn’t seem to produce results,you should contact a good skin specialist. It is highly possible that what you think is acne could be a different condition altogether and your doctor has the skills and experience to do the correct diagnosis and treat the condition right.
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If your skin becomes dry,gets itchy and irritated,you should schedule to see a skin specialist. It is likely that such a condition is eczema and not the side effect of a harsh season See your doctor if the itching continues for more than 1 week.
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Having a bald spot or losing hair should should be a good enough reason to see your dermatologist. Your doctor is experienced and will see what kind of treatment will solve your specific condition conclusively.

If lighter or darker patches are noticeable on your skin,it high time you visited your skin specialist. Use of certain cosmetic products could cause this but there could be some other underlying concerns as well and your skin health advisor should be able to tell you if the condition is really an issue of concern.
If you see some scaly rough patches that seem scaly,talk to a skin professional.

If you see these signs or some of them on your skin or that of a loved one,visit your dermatologist in New Port beach.