How to Accessorize in The Summer Months

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Accessorizing in the cold winter months is pretty simple; add a bulky scarf here, toss on another layer there–the possibilities are endless. In the heat of the summer season, however, accessorizing becomes another task completely. You can’t add another layer or a bulky scarf because if you did, you feel as though you’re suffocating and may melt like a popsicle on the sidewalk. A simple t-shirt and shorts combo may feel incomplete without some sort of accessory, a little something to show off your style and take it to the next level. This article will lend you the tips you need to find the perfect accessory for your favorite summertime looks, so keep reading to discover a handful of fashion hacks that will be sure to AMP up your warm-weather ensembles!

Just about any summertime outfit can be brought to the next level with the addition of a long, thin-chain necklace. Whether it’s a plain gold chain or one with a dainty but bold pendant hanging on the bottom, a long necklace is a simple yet stunning way to pull an outfit together, no matter what the style. Our favorite looks for this summer include semi-precious stones and minerals like quartz and amethyst, which lend a mystical and beautiful sense to any ensemble. You can also wear a body chain and let it peek out from underneath your sundress or came for a sexy, glimmering ode to summertime.

Sunglasses and eyewear can be a summertime must have, what with the blazing sun and bright white clouds on the horizon every day. Finding the right style and shape of shades can be difficult, especially if you have a certain aesthetic you like to maintain. You can go the cheap route and buy several pairs of inexpensive glasses in a handful of different styles, that way if you lose or break them it’s not a big deal. Or, you can invest in a high-quality pair of classic sunglasses, like Ray Bans, that are sure to go with any style of dress and will last you longer because of their quality manufacturing and materials. Their simple black style will automatically elevate your summertime look to a sophisticated, classic level.

When you hear the word “scarf,” you of course think of big, warm accessories that help block your face and neck from the cold in winter. However, summer scarves can offer a lightweight, breezy feel to any style of dress. Loop one around your neck for your next evening out on the town, or fashion one into a hair wrap for a cool and cozy way to keep the hair off your neck during your next summer outing. Summer scarves have endless possibilities when it comes to accessories, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

With these tips, you’ll be sure to make your summertime fashion statement something to remember!