How the launch of the TV channel will help the church

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is one of the most famous pastors in the world. The fame is as a result of the many sermons and the crusades he has carried out and the manner in which he has positively impacted on peoples’ lives. The pastor is the person who founded Christ Embassy church which is also a very popular church in the world. Accessing the sermons made by Chris Oyakhilome is one of the problems that people face. This is because the pastor does not visit all the countries that have members of this church. The pastor is known by many people as a result of the many instances of healing and great sermons that he has carried out.

The church has many followers all over the world. Most of the members come from over fifty states. This means that the pastor requires a very good platform that can make him pass the word of God to his audience. Over a long duration, members of this church have been facing problems on how they can instantly get the sermons of the pastor. This has not been possible because most of them come from places where the pastor does not have a church. This has also been a major hindrance to the expansion of the church. Christ Embassy has been growing at a very slow rate because it takes a long period before people can get the preaching of the pastor. Some people fail to get the sermons of Chris Oyakhilome when they need them. The pastor is also a famous author of motivational and inspirational books that have been bought by many people.

The church has made an important to ensure that all the believers have the ability to access the crusades of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Christ Embassy has been in existence for long, and the followers have a lot of problems. Chris Oyakhilome recently launched a TV station that will help expand the church and also help the pastor to carry out his sermons easily. The use of the channel means that the pastor does not have to travel all over the world as he used to do. He can simply preach through the channel, and the audience can easily access it using the various platforms. Those who are far away from California which is the place where the station is found can stream through the internet. In case one is busy they can always program the television sets to record the sermons so that they watch at a later time.

The TV channel will not be used for commercial purposes which mean that people will have the choice they have always wanted to get. Other pastors will also be given to preach and provide an inspirational message to the viewers. One will not need to subscribe to the expensive channels where one must pay a lot of money to watch the programs they have. This platform will be mainly for the people who want to get motivational messages. Most of the people who go to the church have already praised the step to come up with a TV channel as one of the best decisions the church has taken. Since the channel is available all over the world, it has solved most of the problems that the people had.