How Do I Get That Girl/Dating

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We want to stand out in a crowd. We want to make a statement when we walk into a room as to say I have arrived and I`m here for the taking.

To achieve this will take some changing of what you think is normal in today’s society, read on.

There’s a saying that “What you “are” speaks so loudly that I can’t hear you.” This means that your actions and how you look are what will ultimately make you the most noticeable or the least noticeable in any given environment. Meaning doesn’t be just another guy in the group, be someone that stands out in a group. Don`t be the guy that dresses just because it`s TRENDY, be the TRENDSETTER.

So, how do you go about standing out?

Dress, Talk and Move Deliberately… never spontaneously!

The first thing you do is get a haircut. Don`t do to your regular barber shop, but use a little tact in getting a haircut. Ask around and find a shop that has some nice looking woman cutting hair and ask what they think would look good on you. It might cost you $25-$35 dollars but it will be worth it.

Clean out your closets and lay everything out to see if there is anything remotely resembling what John Travolta would have worn in the 80s and 90s and bag it up for charity. Usually, cloths will go out of still within a couple of years. Get in your car and head out to the nearest mall and find a renowned men’s clothing store. Walk in, hesitate and scan the store for the hottest looking sales clerk and ask her if she would help you pick out some clothes. Buy clothes that fit well and suit you in color. Always dress for the occasion, never be underdressed and you can never be overdressed unless you wear a suit to a picnic.

Women are turned into speech, and they respond well to men who can effectively use words in a conversation. If you are not one with the verbal intellect, then keep the conversation simple but to the point. If you`re not sure what to say then speak slowly, this gives you more time to think about what you want the say. Be sure to use words that stand out and are relative to the conversation.

Remember that the better your language and communication skills are, the more you will appeal to woman and your seduction abilities will increase proportionately. Always try and center the conversation around her likes and wants until you get to know her and always talk with a short smile on your face as if to say you`re happy to be here with her. Just improve your action orientation, your appearance, and your verbal ability just a little – enough to stand out – and women WILL take notice of you when you enter a room.

When you first walk into a room, hesitate, scan the room and determine where you want to be in the room and with whom to be most noticeable. Move around a room like a know exactly where you are going, never look as though you are lost. Carry yourself through a crowd like a suave man would.

The best action you can take, though, is to forget your irrational fear of rejection and simply approach women. Women are very visual by nature, contrary to some beliefs. So how do you use this to your advantage to get women to notice you?

It`s a well-known fact that women WANT to notice men, but they put up screens to filter out the guys who don’t stand out from the rest.

Don`t forget about hygiene. A woman likes someone that smells good so make sure to use some fresh smelling cologne before going out, but not so much that you reek of the brand.