How the launch of the TV channel will help the church

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is one of the most famous pastors in the world. The fame is as a result of the many sermons and the crusades he has carried out and the manner in which he has positively impacted on peoples’ lives. The pastor is the person who founded Christ Embassy church which is also a very popular church in the world. Accessing the sermons made by Chris Oyakhilome is one of the problems that people face. This is because the pastor does not visit all the countries that have members of this church. The pastor is known by many people as a result of the many instances of healing and great sermons that he has carried out.

The church has many followers all over the world. Most of the members come from over fifty states. This means that the pastor requires a very good platform that can make him … Read the rest

How Do I Get That Girl/Dating

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We want to stand out in a crowd. We want to make a statement when we walk into a room as to say I have arrived and I`m here for the taking.

To achieve this will take some changing of what you think is normal in today’s society, read on.

There’s a saying that “What you “are” speaks so loudly that I can’t hear you.” This means that your actions and how you look are what will ultimately make you the most noticeable or the least noticeable in any given environment. Meaning doesn’t be just another guy in the group, be someone that stands out in a group. Don`t be the guy that dresses just because it`s TRENDY, be the TRENDSETTER.

So, how do you go about standing out?

Dress, Talk and Move Deliberately… never spontaneously!

The first thing you do is get a haircut. Don`t do to your regular … Read the rest