Advice From a Guy on How to Get Your Ex Back Fast

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The day he walks out the door carrying the last of his stuff is the worst day of your life. It could have been a goodbye text or phone call. Worst of all, he broke off the engagement after all the wedding deposits had been paid and your gorgeous wedding dress only needs another fitting.

You feel destroyed. How could he do this to you? Everywhere you turn, there’s a memory of a better time. You don’t even understand why he dumped you. How could he stop loving you? Your stomach feels like it’s tied up in a million knots. You’re angry, hurt, embarrassed, confused and a thousand other emotions that are all too much to handle.

Do You Want to Hide or Get Him Back?

There are only two choices at this point. The first choice is to go to bed and stay there for days, hiding from the world. If you do this, that’s ok. Just don’t do it too long. The second choice is to learn how to get him back.

Learn From a Guy

Guys get dumped too. One guy decided to figure out why it happened to him and what he could do about it. After being devastated in guy-fashion (hiding out in bedrooms doesn’t work for them), he decided to figure out how to get her back. He spent $25,000 on self-help courses, read a few hundred books on romance, sex, seduction, psychology and anything else that seemed remotely applicable and figured out a system. It worked for him and it has worked for thousands of others.

Don’t whine or cry. That will chase him even farther away. Instead, come from a positive place with positive intentions. His walls will be up. Don’t call if you’re angry, upset or harboring any other negative emotion.

  • Be 100% committed to getting him back and strengthening your relationship.
  • Don’t dismiss how he feels. He’s hurting too.
  • Use your inside knowledge of what he likes emotionally, intellectually and physically.
  • If you’re feeling bitter and angry, he’ll subconsciously feel it even if you think you’re hiding it well.

If you’re really serious about getting him back, visit this website and watch the video. There a lot of advice from a guy about guys. Give it some thought and decide whether it’s better to move on or get back what you had, only better. Don’t wait too long.